Fixes annoying websites with Tampermonkey.


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Collection of some userscripts I use regularly, mainly to fix annoying websites.

Add a search bar to Moodle course pages. Instead of scrolling through miles of toggles and topics, I can just type what I want and it surfaces the relevant activities.

It works by cloning every <div> which contains an activity into the search results if they match a query. That way, there's no backend and searches take place instantly, as you type.

This makes finding stuff massively easier, as you don't really need to remember how all your teachers set up their pages.

A gif of it doing stuff


Changes some useless parts of Moodle's navigation into color-coded links to your courses. Quicker navigation, as it's easier to locate a color than to scan through a long list of course names.

An example Another example


Currently, Quizlet doesn't have a keyboard shortcut for the "Override: I got this right!" button. This script binds backspace to a .click() on that button when on learn pages.