Turnitin Notify

Get notifications from Turnitin.



Turnitin.com, what we use at school to turn in most of our assignments, doesn't send any notifications for any event. That means that whenever something is graded, or a new assignment is added, I have no way of fiding out other than obsessively checking the website. So, I made a scraper that does that for me.

Every 10 minutes, on a cronjob, it will log in to turnitin.com with my credentials, and basically scrape every client-facing page into JSON blob. It stores this, and diffs it with the last capture - and if anything's different, it sends me an SMS with the Twilio API.

That way, I'm the first to know when a due date changes, an assignment is graded, or anything else happens.

Project Readme


Send SMS notifications whenever anything happens on turnitin.com.


All it needs is a crontab entry, a complete .env, and a folder.

To set up turnitin-notify:

  1. Clone the repo somewhere
  2. Fill out the .env according to the 'configuration' section.
  3. Using crontab -e, run the main.js script every once in a while.



# Turnitin creds
TURNITIN_EMAIL=<your turnitin.com email address>
TURNITIN_PW=<your turnitin.com password>

# Twilio creds
TWILIO_SID=<your twilio api sid>
TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=<your twilio api authtoken>
TWILIO_NUMBER=<a send number added to your twilio project>
RECV_NUMBER=<the number to send sms notifications to>